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Sunday, July 11, 2010

:: Thanks ::

This is special edition punya thanks.
Thanks for this, you just make me smile smpai ubun-ubun rambut.

Klu orng kate "30 is the new 20", i m agreed..dan even ade orng kate "40 is the 30"...yet, stil i couldn't agree from my honest perspective, x kire la umur u akan berganjak setiap tahun, i'll always believe u' ll be the same person whom got the the super touch of care as well the quality of youthfulness attached in ur,keep it tat way..=)
Malah, klu ade orng kate " it's much easier to talk with stranger rather than someone we r close with"...Then,u r the best stranger(dulu),i hv ever talk n chat with..Tq..

Yeah, you are somebody to me. No matter how weird this relationship, you're always be one of my priority. My last smile was created by you. I do always remember it.

Guys, introducing you to my full time listener. Thanks so much!

May ALLAH bless you always!
*senyum melebar*

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